Welcome to Agape Christian Ministries!

Our mission is to honor God and help each other become Christ-centered individuals in everything we do--be it studying calculus, leading a Bible study, playing ultimate Frisbee, or hanging out with friends at the coffeehouse! While our intention is to focus on our years at Rice, we also have an eye on living a life that honors God beyond our time inside the hedges.

A few of the things we do include:
  • Weekly large group meeting
     Worship, teaching, connecting; we meet on Fridays at 7:00pm in Sewall 301.
  • College small groups
     This is where life change happens! If you're looking for one at your college, ask someone on the contact page
  • Discipleship
     We are huge advocates of intentional relationships with staff and older students to help you grow in your walk with God and be better equipped for ministry.
  • Life changing conferences
     Overnighters, Fall and Spring retreats, Winter Conference; check out our calendar!
  • Summer missions
     Opportunities to go to on both summer and year-long missions trips across the America and to 80 countries across the world.
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Of course, we're on facebook.  For other questions or more information email someone on our contact page!

Agape Christian Ministries is the Rice University Chapter of 
Campus Crusade for Christ.